Glossary (Online World)

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Blogs: An online diary/journal on a specific topic(s) Eg WordPress

Chat: Messaging online.

Chat Room: Where someone can communicate with others online, in realtime.

Electronic Mail (Email): An account where you can send and receive text, files and documents. A source of communication.

Instant Messaging: A realtime conversation. Eg Facebook Messenger

netiquette: How you act online. (sounds like etiquette at the table)

Network of Friends: A group of friends online.

Newsgroup: A group of people with the same interests who posts information about that topic.

Online Community: A community of people online, such as friends, family and work.

Profile: How you care represented on networking sites.

Social Networking: Where you can connect with friends and family to keep up to date with their lives. A way to keep in touch with people worldwide. Eg Facebook, Twitter

Video Conferencing: Online conferences that can connect with many people globally at once to discuss business or personal. Eg, face time, Skype. It can also be called VoIP, Voice over IP, which means that you can communicated by voice by Internet Protocol (not using telephone lines)

Virtual World: An online world where you can talk to others. Eg using avatars

Vlogs: A video blog. Eg YouTube


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